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Confessions to a Stranger by Danielle Grandinetti Review

About the Book

Title: Confessions to a Stranger

Series: Harbored in Crow’s Nest

Author: Danielle Grandinetti

Publisher: Hearth Spot Press

Released: March, 2023

Genre:Christian Historical Romantic Suspense

She’s lost her future. He’s sacrificed his. Now they have a chance to reclaim it—together.
Wisconsin, 1930—While fleeing for her life, Adaleigh Sirland’s rescue of a child introduces her to a family who provides her safe harbor. When her identity comes under threat of exposure, she must choose between running once more or helping the man who teaches her to hope again.
First mate David Martins is intrigued by the mysterious woman taken in by his grandmother, but she wrestles with a troubled past. When his estranged father is arrested for murder, can David put aside his own struggles in time to discern which secret threatens Adaleigh before it kills them both?
Welcome to Crow’s Nest, where danger and romance meet at the water’s edge.

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Danielle Grandinetti

Inspirational romance author, Danielle Grandinetti, writes both historical romantic suspense and contemporary sweet romance. An avid reader, she became a book blogger in 2016 and has been reviewing books since. She also won the University of Northwestern Distinguished Faith in Writing Award.

Danielle’s educational background includes an M.A. in Communication and Culture from Trinity International University, a B.A. in Communication from Louisiana Baptist University, and an A.A. in Biblical Studies from New Tribes Bible Institute, as well the Apprentice, Journeyman, and Craftsman Level certifications from the Christian Writers Guild. She has taught college courses on intercultural communication and group dynamics at Trinity International University and worked for twelve years as a virtual middle school writing coach.

Originally from the Chicagoland area, she now lives along the Wisconsin shoreline of Lake Michigan with her husband, their two young sons, and Labrador puppy. Find her online at

My Impressions

Wow! This great historical, romantic suspense novel by Danielle Grandinetti had me reading very, very slowly.

Let me tell you why I read Confessions to a Stranger so carefully. I just didn’t want it to end, and am in awe at Grandinetti’s writing style. This amazing feeling gradually overtook me after we have met both Adeleigh Sirland and David Martins. Grandinetti slowly reveals the character of each, but includes great humor. “Mustache stuck out a bony hand to help her up as Handsome leapt to his feet in one lithe movement. “( How can you not laugh at the nicknames Adaleigh gives to strangers?!) Not a humor book, Grandinetti inserts her trademark wit at precisely the right points to ease a little tension. “Detective O’Connor’s eyebrow twitched like an electrocuted cornstalk.” And how could I not stop to admire the poetic beauty of lines like this: “an evolution of emotion charged across her countenance”?

By this point in the mystery, I am dying to know who-dunnit, whether Adaleigh will be safe, if there will be a relationship between Adaleigh and David, etc.

However, I still had to read slowly because their are so many good quotes and so many wise words. Mrs. Martins is a wonderful, wise, and gentle, secondary character who knows trouble, yet knows Who to turn to. “…there are a lot of frightful things in the world.” Grandma sipped her tea. “We cannot live in constant fear. We put up reasonable safeguards and trust the good Lord with the rest.”

I appreciated Grandinetti’s knowledge of and the Big Lake and its dangers as well. Many do not give Lake Michigan her due respect and carefulness, but Adaleigh and David do. Also, Grandinetti has done her research and is quite knowledgeable about fishing on the lake.

And the whirlwind of an ending, wow! A lot of authors use up most of the suspense either early in the book, or space it evenly. Let me be clear: Grandinetti paces the suspense well throughout, but when she gets close to the climax, she creates a perfect storm of super-intense suspense that reminds me of a racer. At the end of a tight race, a sudden burst of energy (suspense in this case) appears, and the observer or reader is left wondering how it was possible for that much energy to be available!!

Now I cannot wait for the sequel, Refuge for the Archaeologist, coming out this summer, which will be Silas Ward’s story!!

I received a copy of the book from the author, plus I bought an ebook. No positive review was required, and all options are my own.

Notable Quotables:

“If only she could trust that hiding in God would physically keep her safe.”

“To go from all the bright hope in the world to running for her life … it was a hard pill to swallow.”

“You give me hope, and in the midst of pain, I must hope.” – Mrs. Martins

“We’re more willing to reveal hidden parts about ourselves to someone we think won’t see us again because the risk of judgment is lessened.”

“Sometimes a signpost would be easier than trying to figure out what God wanted.”

“we cannot worry about what we cannot control or we’ll go mad, surrounded only by our self-made fortresses.”- Mrs. Martins

My Rating


If only I could give more than 5 stars! I only count a handful of authors whose writing is so captivating and beautiful that I want to savor each word, every turn of the phrase, even as I’m dying to know the story’s resolution!