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Yet Another Accident at Local Highway Corner

Editorial Blog about Cass County, MI Intersection

So, I click on the headline with dread. This time, a sixteen-year-old has been injured, thankfully not critically, in Cass County, on a road my Honey and I are very familiar with and travel anywhere from 1-4 times a month. Not as much as some, but we no longer live in the county, as we once did.

Anyhow, sure enough, clicking on the story, this particular accident happened at the infamous corner of Marcellus Highway and Decatur Road. Decatur Road has stop signs, Marcellus Highway has a flashing yellow light, easily ignored as drivers have been driving 55+ mph for some time.

What leaves my my husband and myself thunderstruck is the frequency of accidents at this corner. They seem to occur almost one for every two weeks, but I am not keeping accurate statistics. What I do know, is WAY too often there are accidents where someone fails to yield (usually the Decatur Rd drivers) and the paramedics and ambulance is called.

How many accidents have to happen at this dangerous corner before someone responsible for the road decides we CAN spend some money to save lives and provide more safety for drivers and passengers?

How many times must the occupants of the house on the corner be pressed into being first responders, when that was probably not in their wildest dreams when they bought that corner house?

At the very least, could rumble strips be installed on both roads? Best case scenario might be a roundabout. Expensive? Yes. But with the amount of continual accidents at this corner, how many injuries or deaths have to occur before human life is more valuable than money?

If you have any influence with the Cass County Road Commission, I would love it if you would pass these concerns along. Many voices can bring about change!!