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Kate Middleton, Queen in Waiting by Susan Barnett Braun Review

About the Book

Title: Kate Middleton, Queen in Waiting

(Updated version of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, published in 2013)

Author: Susan Barnett Braun

Released: 2023

Catherine, Princess of Wales, is known to most of the world as Kate Middleton. Bullied in elementary school, she was an ordinary girl on her way to an ordinary life — until she met her Prince Charming. After almost a decade of waiting, she and her prince wed in a ceremony viewed by millions worldwide. Now she travels the world, meeting with leaders, working with charities, and setting fashion standards along the way.

Written for a grade 1-8 audience, Kate Middleton, Queen in Waiting takes readers behind the scenes for a look at the events that transformed Kate into the dignified royal family member she is today.

About the Author

Susan Barnett Braun grew up in the small town of Seymour, Indiana. She earned a BS in retail management from Indiana University and an MA in elementary Education from the University of Alabama. She taught elementary school for eight years in northwest Indiana. During that time, she wrote grant proposals which won a Lilly Endowment Teacher Creativity Fellowship and a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Study Scholarship, both on topics relating to European royalty.

Susan’s writing has appeared in many online and print publications, including Parents, Children’s Ministry, Mommy Tracked, Family Christian Blog, Visit Fort Wayne Blog, and The Teacher’s Mailbox. She blogs at Girls in White Dresses.

Susan is married with three wonderful young adult daughters. She enjoys reading, playing piano and organ, and spending her time with her family and pets (currently three rabbits and a chinchilla).

Keep up with Susan’s writings at her Facebook page:

My Impressions

I rarely read nonfiction books, even the ones I wish I would. But when Susan Barnett Braun published her children’s informational book about Kate Middleton a few years back, I jumped at the opportunity. Now, Katherine has the title of Princess and her husband, William, is next in line for the throne. Also, the couple have three adorable children. Braun has updated her book to reflect these changes.

I would recommend this book for a 3rd- 6th grader who likes princesses or famous women in the world. I loved the pictures that set the focus for each evenly-balanced, well-organized chapter.

Braun explains some British customs that the average American elementary student wouldn’t know. Braun also does a masterful job of relaying some of the painful truth of the royal family’s past without being sensational. Bravo!

Also, the author includes a timeline of Kate’s life at the end, plus a very select timeline of world events that took place during this time. Very helpful for a child to recall and assimilate the information.

I received a copy of the book from the author. No positive review was required, and all opinions are my own.

My Rating



3 thoughts on “Kate Middleton, Queen in Waiting by Susan Barnett Braun Review”

  1. I appreciate your time and efforts in reading and reviewing the book, Becky! It is even more helpful since you were a teacher as well, and young people are the target audience. Again, thank you!

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