Our Daughter’s Wedding on November 14, 2020

We’ve never seen two people more in love! 💜💕

We are so excited to officially welcome Gavin Beamish into the family. We have been praying for each of our children since infancy for the special mate that God would bring for them. One that would love and honor God and would love them.

Gavin fulfills our every dream for a son-in-law. He has a great interest in growing spiritually and being the spiritual leader of their home. He adores Stacy (something every parent wishes for their child) and she loves him deeply. As Stacy put it, the wedding meant that they would be able to experience ”freedom.” We are so very proud to have been a part of your special day, Stacy and Gavin. We couldn’t love either one of you more!!

Congratulations Stacy and Gavin!!!

May God richly bless and lead you in your new life together!!

Trying on ”The Dress!”
Engagement pic

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